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Live Mind Consulting

I've solved complex problems and launched new brands, products, and lines of business for some of the world's largest digital publishers over the past two decades. I can tackle or help concept your projects from a holistic, forward-looking, systems thinking perspective. I'm an unconventional, out of the box critical thinker who can help you solve thorny problems no one else knows what to do with, and come at business or content challenges from new perspectives that are anything but cookie cutter.

I specialize in commerce content and the affiliate revenue channel, as well as in optimizing your content catalogue ROI via curation and strategic content reuse. I can also help more broadly in a number of areas from remote work, editorial team building and freelance management, workflow analysis and production automation, to interfacing with the Product and Engineering layer to build back end tools and integrations that reduce friction between your CMS, your project management and groupware platforms, your data repositories, and third party systems.

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Affiliate and commerce content strategy and growth

Whether you're just starting to build out a commerce line of revenue, or looking for a step change in your business, I can parachute in surgically or spin up programs and brands soup to nuts, including:

  • Affiliate account creation and management
  • Merchant program signup and outreach
  • Amazon On Site Program (OSP) startup, strategy, and growth
  • Link affiliation and training in tracking operations
  • Sales analysis, reporting, and data management
  • Technical consulting with Engineering, and Data Engineering teams
  • Strategic consulting and training with Editorial, SEO, and Audience Development teams
  • Transactional keyword research and search insights
  • Content strategy recommendations based on performance
  • Partner strategy recommendations based on traffic and audience data
  • Market research on consumer and product trends

Boost Your Content ROI

Stop throwing away content! Those of us who cut our teeth in the news business easily succumb to this habit -- but there's a much better way to get more value of the back catalogue you've already produced. I can help you find and give new life to hidden gems, as well as help you develop evergreen content strategy with optimal update cadences.

Editorial and Content Production Operations

Content teams lose so much time fixing formatting errors, tweaking the layout, and futzing with the technical syntax of your CMS. They also waste a lot of time reformatting information and transferring it from platform to platform -- whether that's email, Asana, Slack, text editors, various research and content tools or other websites, it's time they could be spending writing and producing. I can help with:

  • Workflow analysis and production automation
  • Custom tools that integrate data from APIs and other repositories
  • Technical consulting on integrations and tools for distributed team efficiency

Reporting and Analysis

Many publishers have pain points around the Cost of Measurement: small media outlets might not want to shell out for an expensive data engineering and analytics operation, while even large publishers struggle with data management in the sprawling ecosystem of commerce. Plus, data literacy can often be low regardless of the size of the operation.

I can help with:

  • Cost-effective performance insights
  • Custom reporting and data visualization
  • Reporting automation
  • Technical consulting on data operations and governance
  • Taxonomy and topical wrangling to meet the disparate needs of editors, sales teams, SEO, BI, and engineering
  • Semantic and thematic content analysis for search positioning and competitor insights
  • Content catalogue and sales data analysis for sales team RFP processes

Don't see your need listed? Get in touch! I may be able to help, or refer you to someone who can.

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