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One of the first professional tech bloggers, Barb Dybwad has built editorial teams and managed digital strategy for The Property Brothers, AOL, Digital Trends, PMC, Mashable, Future PLC, and Best Buy. She launched and led national events for consumer tech site Engadget from the Official CES Awards to the 10,000-attendee Expand franchise in SF and NY.

Today she works on data analytics and business intelligence for publishers, with a specialty in commerce content and the affiliate marketing revenue line including the Amazon Onsite Publishing (OSP) ecosystem. She blogs as Doctor Paradox, dives into research topics, and stays as active in political discourse as possible.

Barb enjoys tinkering and building on the web with spreadsheet publishing, mind maps and networked thinking, open data, Python, NLP, bots, OSINT, mobile photography, and has been known to make noise from time to time. She lives in Boston (after long stints in Ithaca & Los Angeles), lived on planes before covid, and still lives on Twitter.

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