Going Back to Basics


Looks like I'm not the only one Going Back to Basics -- GTD guru Merlin Mann has an experiment on collected wisdom here on GitHub, and Dave Winer is using GitHub for various projects relating to his blog Scripting News including a backup process he calls "two-factor archiving."

There are also numerous projects relating to blogging on GitHub out there, from the default Jekyll/GitHub Pages integration to using SSGs with GitHub Actions, as well as more custom and DIY methods of rendering Markdown or plain text into a lightweight blog engine. I'm enjoying exploring this ecosystem at the moment, as an effort in reclaiming blogging's roots in owning your output in a "full stack" manner versus being locked in by one or more platforms without a lot of (or any) data portability. It feels like an important counterculture movement at the moment -- and I plan to "just keep swimming" in it!