Perplexity AI: A Rival to ChatGPT for research tasks

Perplexity is imho better at research tasks where you want to go deeper than just an overview.

Space Bar: Midjourney, RunwayML, Stable Audio, and CapCut

A generative AI music video

Solar Eclipse 2024: An AI Ode

An AI rendition of and tribute to the rare solare clipse event today.

Ode to Grumpycat


Why is ChatGPT so good at confabulating?

I asked it, and its answer provides a good overview of itself in general.

Cocktail Crafter: Your free GPT bartender bot to up your drink game

What cocktail should you try tonight? Keep trying new things with Cocktail Crafter.

GPTs to try -- Custom bots to do your bidding

GPTs and the GPT Store are replacing ChatGPT plugins; here are some custom bots to try out and see what you think

Midjourney Alpha impressions and creations

Another great improvement to an already excellent generative AI art tool

ChatGPT and the state of AI

Some fascinating examples of AI tools now available to the public

Mastodon: A Quickstart How To Guide

A brief(ish) how to guide for making sense of Mastodon, the best Twitter alternative around.

How to turn Mastodon threads into Markdown

Here's a free tool for exporting a Mastodon thread into Markdown

Own your work

Elon Musk took over Twitter: be sure to save your work!

Ohai World

New blog, who dis?!

Obsidian 1.0

Obsidian 1.0 is officially out!

Reality bye

There is less Shared Reality than ever.

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