Perplexity AI: A Rival to ChatGPT for research tasks

Perplexity AI is the only tool I've seen that can rival ChatGPT in the generative text department. It can go deeper than the titular generative text application by way of its focus: unseating Google in search, and being the most reliable factual LLM around.

After raising $63 million in a funding round raising its valuation to $1B in March 2024, the company is reportedly already raising another $250 million round at a valuation of $2-3B.

Perplexity's investor list includes a whopping 46 names:

"In addition to IVP and NEA, it includes other notable VCs such as Sequoia, Bessemer and Kindred; strategic backers like Nvidia, Databricks and Bezos Expeditions; and many recognizable individuals such as Jeff Bezos, Meta’s chief AI scientist Yann LeCun, Naval Ravikant, Susan Wojcicki, Elad Gil, Nat Friedman and Clément Delangue from Hugging Face. A newer backer, Daniel Gross, led the $56 million round from March with other new backers Stanley Druckenmiller, Y Combinator head Garry Tan and Figma’s CEO Dylan Field also participating, among others." -- Techcrunch

Perplexity graphed on Kumu

Perplexity UI

Perplexity AI user interface

Perplexity Discover news items

What's more, Perplexity has the potential to become a new newsfeed of sorts. These stories I found on Discover were of legitimate interest for sure:

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