Own your work


I wrote a little screed today on Elon Musk's takeover of Twitter this week -- surely for double plus ungood purposes -- first as a Twitter thread (natch!) and then over on my Doctor Paradox blog, the designated outpost for such political broadsides.

Someone was kind enough to request a Thread Reader App unroll which reminded me about this fantastic free tool (donate or go premium if you can!) that lets you get a narrative-style view of the whole Tweet thread as well as download a PDF version. Germane to the O.P. itself, I am reminded that from here on out it will be more important than ever to keep a mind towards Owning Your Content and making sure you have a local or hosted copy of all of your work somewhere safe and, ideally, backed up.

I've been using Markdown more religiously now in part for this reason -- and in part because it's just so much cleaner and easier to be able to focus on writing and letting the presentation layer take care of itself. It's also lightweight and simple, and nice to think about a collection of text files that are eminently portable and viewable on pretty much any system, device, or platform. The SaaS lockin problem is real, y'all...

It's easy to back everything up in the cloud via method of your choice: Dropbox, Google Drive, iCloud, etc. etc. If you want a "public" backup of your works, I am more and more thinking of GitHub as that kind of celestial repository that will be likely to stand the test of time as other platforms come and go -- plus, it's free. And has version control! It's really kind of dreamy.

Goest thou forth, and enjoy thy creative sovereignty!

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