Midjourney Alpha impressions and creations

I didn't mind using Midjourney on Discord, but the new web interface for the generative AI image maker is a gamechanger. Midjourney Alpha has been rolling out to longtime users and is now available to any subscribers who have created more than 1000 images.

It's going to accelerate visual creativity even more, and that's really saying something. I would also compare it to the kind of excitement I had during the early days of Flickr -- and finding myself wishing I could comment!

As someone who has always considered myself lacking in artistic ability, Midjourney itself has been a revolution. I've added a lot more visual flair to Doctor Paradox, illustrating a number of blog posts that were already getting some traffic -- which boosted their search equity and monthly sessions even further. I'm particularly proud of global cabal, the Christian nationalists list, and 3 Cults in a Trenchcoat.

So I've gotten a lot of value out of Midjourney so far -- and I'm certain I will get far more value out of the web-based UI. I can't wait to see what everyone comes up with -- including myself!

Here are a few starter items:

Glass Lungs Running on the Moon Van Gogh Trip Annuit Coeptis Vintage record player Death Valley New Deal poster Black Hole Sun

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