Ohai World

Greetings, Earthling!

Here lies the first Pelican document

I cobbled together my own DIY blogging experience on GitHub Pages for a while as I auditioned lightweight CMS homes for a new blog -- and the winner is Pelican! It's written in Python, my language of choice, and lets me write directly in Markdown for a focused writing experience. Next up I'll have some fun playing around with Jinja2 templates and refreshing some of my ancient front end knowledge from several geologic eras past.

New blog, who dis?!

The cult of efficiency dictates we do everything according to what has already been done before. But that has never been the path to innovation, to creativity, to happy accidents, and magical recombinations. This exploration is both an exercise in novelty and nostalgia: something old, something borrowed, and something gnu.

  • Old: nano
  • Borrowed: Markdown
  • New: Pelican

Let's see what we can see, shall we?!

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