So much change rippling through my network -- so many career changers, so many looking for something more fulfilling, so many people clawing our way back to a sense of purpose, deep meaning, and core values. We want to get back to basics, back to our foundations, and to figure out so somehow go "back" with forward momentum. Because the only way out is through.

For me, part of that journey is about getting back to blogging. That's my Original Face -- my origin story. Blogging is the kind of Learning Out Loud that lit me up, drew me in, and ignited a fire that still burns. We wanted to create a brave new world of information -- but despite our best intentions, it seems to have turned into a world of disinformation.

As yak shaving tends to go, I'm hobbling along with a DIY situation on GitHub until I can finish up a research loop into Static Site Generators vs. Headless CMS options. I already have a WordPress blog and I'm looking for something both more lightweight and closer to the command line so I can do some reskilling and upskilling in the technical acumen front at the same time. If you have any feelings or suggestions, hit me up on Twitter!

SPOILER ALERT: Pelican wins!**

(see [Ohai World]{filename} for the exciting denouement)